Taproom is the Classroom at Miami’s Master Brewer Academy

It’s time to drink.

The first Master Brewer Academy founded and led by Todd Space will be taught inside four of Miami’s noteworthy breweries beginning this fall.  With more than 15 years of experience as a brewer and professional science teacher, Space created a nine-week, intensive curriculum and three-week internship program called the Master Brewer Academy (MBA).

Catering to beer enthusiasts and those pursuing a brewing career path, the 12-week program will be housed at Wynwood Brewing Company, The Tank Brewing Co., J. Wakefield Brewing, Concrete Beach Brewery and MIA Beer Company, and taught by their head brewers as well as other industry professionals. The inaugural semester will commence August 29, 2016 covering a range of industry subjects including brewing science, field technology and equipment and the business of beer. Following 9 weeks of classroom instruction, students will be assigned an internship at one of the host breweries for hands-on experience to apply their coursework.  The second semester starts in January 2017.


The MBA curriculum is designed for diverse learning styles, emphasizes the need for hands-on, practical instruction and balances the art and science of brewing.

“Master Brewer Academy welcomes students to literally tap into the market and learn all phases of beer production,” said Space. “From grinding malt to adjusting water chemistry and propagating yeast in a lab, MBA students will gain the knowledge and application to work toward becoming a master brewer.”

The Master Brewer Academy will offer three terms per year with 12 seats available per enrollment period. Classes will be held Monday through Friday for eight hours a day, plus three Saturdays per term. Students can enroll in the three-month program for $8,600 and will receive a “Certificate of Completion” when all coursework and required internship hours are successfully completed.

Month 1: The Science of Brewing
Month 2: Brewing Equipment and Technology
Month 3: Internship at Wynwood Brewing Company, The Tank Brewing Co., J. Wakefield Brewing or MIA Beer Company

“Master Brewer Academy strives to be a driving force in the region’s emerging status as a leader in the brewing arena,” said Space. “We are helping to build credibility for South Florida’s craft brew community by providing locally trained people with a solid foundation in brewing science.”

Written by Sarah Grant

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