Paris 6 Debuts Extensive All New Menu

Parisian-Inspired Bistro


Paris 6 introduces over 60 new dishes to its extensive menu to satisfy all carvings around the clock.


New appetite whetting options include Beef Carppacio a “Juan Alba”, Tuna Nicoise Salad a “Bella Falconi”, Gnocchi de Brie Aux Quatre Fromages a “Marina Ruy Barbosa”, Wild Salmon Tartare a la Marocaine a “Macros Mion”, Shrimp Stroganoff a “Celia Forte”, Lapin a L’Ancienne a “Silvo de Abreu”, Tournedos Rossini Au Foie Gras a “Romero Britto” and an Oyster Bar featuring West Coast Oysters (served raw with a traditional Mignonette piquant sauce) and New Orleans-inspired East Coast Oysters (prepared with butter, spinach, watercress, green onions and grated parmesan).


Also new to the menu is Paris 6’s lunch special, which allows diners to order a salad or soup of the day plus any entrée for $27. For an extra fee, those with a sweet tooth can add a classic dessert ($5), a Grand Gateau ($9) or a Crème Brulee ($9) to their order.

The myriad of new options are sure to entice guests to revisit and continue exploring the menu any day and time.