New Miami Facility Connects the Gym to the Doctors Office

Celebrity fitness trainer

Celebrity fitness trainer Matt Pack is at it again.  He has expanded his signature Primal Fit, known for its ‘Animal Flow’ classes, sledge hammers, battling ropes, Bulgarian bags, adult jungle gyms and sleds, into a new 5,500 sqft. training facility that connects the “gym” to the “doctor’s office” for an integrated 360 degree approach to wellness.  Cue all those gym class heroes looking to maximize their workouts.


In addition to more classes and upscale amenities such as showers, lockers and Astro Turf floors, Wellness Warriors will enjoy high-end, concierge health and wellness services such as:

  • Integrated Physical Therapy
  • Dry needle acupuncture and spinal adjustments with certified Chiropractor
  • Food intolerance, genetic, hormonal and vitamin mineral testing and individualized nutritional programs by Genobic Labs
  • IV therapy and B13 and Glutathione shots by VitaSquad (intravenous nutritional therapy service)
  • group nutrition workshops, educational seminars and ‘grocery tours’ with wellness guru, John Schott,
  • Stretch Therapy
  • Body Fat Composition Software (InBody 570)
  • MYZONE monitoring devices which accurately measure and stream caloric use, heart rate and effort using a unique point system

And more….

Additional Visuals:  Clients doing “primal” workouts (small group) with sledge hammers, battling ropes, Bulgarian bags, a jungle gym, sleds and even pushing an SUV through parking lot

Animal Flow movements, clients tracking progress and competing on MYZONE scoreboard followed by post workout shakes and healthy snacks.

Written by Marie Elizabeth

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