Power Through Your Day with New Healthy Lunch Menu

B Bar Tapas & Grill


Beat the afternoon slump with B Bar Tapas and Grill’s new healthy lunch special.

Using only the freshest ingredients of 100% organic chicken, albacore tuna and veggies, the menu offers healthy sandwiches like the Grilled Organic Chicken Melt, Organic Chicken Salad Sandwich,  White Albacore Tuna Sandwich and Wild Salmon Gravlax Toast, to name a very few, as well vegetarian-friendly sandwiches including the Falafel and Hummus Sandwich, Cheeses and Very Veggy.


Order the $8.95 lunch special and indulge in half a sandwich and a soup, salad or short string fries—perfect for the health conscious looking for a hearty midday pick-me-up, while keeping expenses down.